Hi, I'm Lee Livingood.

Welcome to Running with the Big Dogs, a web site devoted to issues related to enjoying life with retired racing Greyhounds.

Like most dog lovers, I've been owned by a dog since the day I was born. I've been training dogs since 1960. I've lived with cats since the early 1970's. Working with and training adult companion animals is my passion.

A number of years ago, my husband, Ben and I met our first retired racer. It was love at first sight. We were immediately taken with the Greyhound's quiet elegance and gentle disposition. Soon after, Penny (RC Ottabea Peney) raced into our lives and into our hearts. She raced through our lives much too quickly. We lost her to cancer at age five. This site is dedicated to her memory and to the memory of all the retired racers out there who never found their way into our hearts and homes.

I'm the author of two books on caring for and living with retired racing Greyhounds. My first book, Running with the Big Dogs, was self-published in 1998 and is acclaimed by adoption groups in the US and Canada. I've donated a significant portion of the profits to further the cause of Greyhound adoption. My second book, Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies was published in September of 2000. It won the pretigious 2001 Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America as single best breed book. I'm planning a book on dog training and working on a complete revision on Running with the Big Dogs.

In addition to my companion animal training and behavioral modification business, I write on dog and cat behavior and training for a variety of publications. My work has appeared nationally in Celebrating Greyhounds, in Forward, the publication of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and online at A Breed Apart, a Greyhound magazine and Bengaland, which is devoted to Bengal cats. I'm a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. And, of course, I'll be the wordsmith behind inside track, our newsletter for adoption groups on issues and resources related to training and living with retired racers.

My husband Ben also grew up with dogs. His family enjoyed and bred Cocker Spaniels for many years.

Ben spent twenty three years as a newspaper reporter for the Allentown Morning Call and the Reading Times covering politics and Pennsylvania state government. He has since served as press secretary or public information officer in three different departments of state government. He's the editor of the inside track, .

We share our home and our lives with six companion animals. Two are retired racers, Chaco (Total Export) and Cheyenne (Hoov's Cheyenne). Remy is a Galgo. Our grande dame is an eleven-year old beagle/sheltie mix, Clancy. Rounding out the crew are two Bengal cats, Kokopelli and Pantera, a retired breeding queen. Both are from Bengaland. If you love cats but have allergies, like Greyhounds, Bengals can be a good choice for the animal hair challenged.

You can contact me via E-mail or write to me at

Lee Livingood
PO Box 6624
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Thanks for visiting.



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