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There are hundreds of greyt sites out there devoted to retired racing Greyhounds, AKC Greyhounds, or important dog related topics. I'm going to point you to just a few of them since most sites also include a wealth of links to topic specific sites.


  • Greyhound Adoption
  • Training and Behavior Work in Progress
  • The Racing Industry Work in Progress
  • Caring for Your Retired Racer Work in Progress
  • Enjoying Life with Your Couch Potato Coming Soon
  • Greyhound Specific Supplies, Gifts, and Crafts for You and Your Hounds Work in Progress
  • General Dog Supplies

  • Greyhound Adoption and Related Information

    The Greyhound Project also publishes Celebrating Greyhounds, the Magazine

    Greyhound Pets of America

    The Greyhound Club of America

    A Breed Apart

    The Greyhound List

    Adoption Group Resources

    Training and Behavior

    Reward Based Training and Clicker Trainining

    Karen Pryor

    Gary Wilkes

    Click L

    Clicker Solutions

    Terry Ryan

    William Campbell

    Sue Sternberg

    Find a Trainer

    Association of Pet Dog Trainers

    National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

    Training Books and Supplies

    Dogwise This is one of my favorite places to buy dog -friendly books and videos (and they sell my book, too). They have a selection of training related supplies as well well as the Gentle Leader. Recently they have also begun to carry other dog-related supplies as well. Lots of Clicker Training supplies. And great personal, friendly service.

    Sit Stay A terrific selection of treats, gifts, training supplies, including the Gentle Leader. These are also dog-friendly people who support rescue and adoption. They are a retail source for Premier's Sure-Fit Harness. You'll love the service and they have a free monthly newsletter that's great fun.

    Legacy by Mail

    J and J Dog Supplies


    The Racing Industry

    National Greyhound Association

    Association of Greyhound Track Operators

    Rosnet (where to go if you want more information about your dog's racing history)

    Country Roads Kennel


    Caring for Your Retired Racer


    Bloat Study

    General Health and Care

    Enjoying Life with Your Dog


    Lure coursing



    Fun and Games

    Rally Obedience

    Greyhound Specific Supplies, Gifts, and Crafts for You and Your Hounds

    There are hundreds of related Web sites out there. I've listed only a few whose products or services I know. The bold-face links take you to the sites of the folks who supported my first book and my efforts to educate adopters, provided the terrific Greyhound photos in my books, or assisted me in my research for my books. Some adoption groups sell Greyhound related items (including my previous book or my current book) to support their adoption efforts, so please stop by to take a look. For a more details about products, click on the reviews link below.

    Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.

    Adopt A Greyhound of Central Canada

    Karen's Kollars

    Greyhound Manor Crafts

    Berry Best Natural Pet Bakery

    Silk Road Collars

    The Greyhound Hall of Fame (A variety of gifts including books)

    Feathered Gems (Sterling and beaded Greyhound jewelry)

    Montana Dogwear

    Toastie Coats and Paws

    Chinook and Company (breakaway safety collars)

    Premier Pet Products (Gentle Leader head collars)

    These groups are not currently selling items from their web sites, but they did sell Running with the Big Dogs. Stop by to check them out.


    Michigan Greyhound Connection

    Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation

    General Dog Supplies

    KV Vet Supply
    Jeffers Pet Catalog
    Direct Pet/Valley Vet
    New England Serum Company
    J&J Dog Supplies
    Doctors Foster and Smith

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